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Who is John-Brandon Pierre?


John-Brandon Pierre was one of the courageous Texans to enlist after 9/11, and serve on the front lines of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. He served 12 years honorably. During his time in service to you and his country, he was a Combat Engineer, Range Safety Officer, Body Conditioning Instructor, and an OSHA (Organizational Safety and Health Administration) certified officer for 7th Engineer Support Battalion. This meant he was tasked with the efficiency and maintenance of all safety documents, systems, and standards for every company building in the battalion. He knows how to lead, and bring the office of District Clerk up-to-date which will increase efficiency and save tax payers time, money and frustration when seeking help with court related documents. 

He also went on to form the startup company called Pinnacle Fitness and Training which pushed the technological boundaries of online personal training. Seeing the need to integrate Psychology into training, he went back to school at Sam Houston State University. Serving people has been the purpose by which he has directed his focus and when the need arose to better serve his fellow Americans at home with the skills and leadership he cultivated in the Marine Corps, he chose to step up yet again and run for office. He is here for you, his fellow American. 

What will he do?

He is a former small business owner and understands how to bring technology and affordable innovation to the office of District Clerk to increase efficiency and make internal processes smoother and communication more clear. 

He will bring the current office up to date, bringing modalities, forms, etc. up to a standard other counties can follow. Under John-Brandon Pierre's tireless motivation, Montgomery County will be the county which carries the standard others will choose to emulate. 

The increase in efficiency will reduce the overall cost of managing documents saving Montgomery County taxpayers money.

How military service makes an impact at home.

This is coming straight from the horse's mouth. 

I remember after Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003 coming back home to help train and motivate young Marines as they prepared to deploy. The most important thing I could teach them was that they are not adversaries. I think many Americans forget this and retreat to their tribes who shout their beliefs and denounce all others. 

When you are asking men and women to follow you into what may be their last moments on earth, trust, cohesion, team work and unity help get the team on track to achieve a singular goal against overwhelming odds. 

In this I am well versed. I am not seeking to serve the Democrats, Republicans, Independents, or Tea Party. I'm seeking to serve Americans in Montgomery County, my and our home. This is what American Patriotism is. 

Besides the skills I learned as an OSHA officer, and technological skills learned starting my own company; I seek to use leadership skills taught and tested in the heat of modern war, compassion instilled in the pain of self sacrifice, and understanding learned over years of Philosophical study to help make our Montgomery County serve it's citizens better. We can't come together without leadersip that believes that every American has value. Please help me achieve those ends. There is no mission in the history of the Marine Corps that was achieved alone. I can not achieve this without you. 

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